Indieverse Sponsorship Program

The heart of our sponsorship lies in the Indieverse, a dedicated space at this September at Insomnia #i73. The Indieverse is designed to spotlight independent developers, offering them a space to present their games to an engaged and enthusiastic audience. If you're an indie game developer, the Indieverse is the perfect place to shine.

Join us this September in the Indieverse at Insomnia #i73!

In an effort to support the game developer community, we have partnered to sponsor up to 10 developer spots at this year's event. This is a unique opportunity for developers to showcase their talent, network with peers, and gain invaluable exposure in the gaming industry.

What's Covered?

Understanding the financial barriers that can restrict talented developers from showcasing their work, we've decided to step in and make a difference. Each spot at the event normally costs £100, but for 10 lucky developers, we're covering this cost in full. Yes, you read that right – if you're selected, you'll get to participate at Insomnia absolutely free of charge!

How to Apply?

Are you ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity? Fill out the following form to apply for a spot.